Tuesday, November 10, 2015

5 Signs You Should Invest In Android Mobile App

Android the open source mobile operating system seems to have broken all barriers. Android has massive opportunities for developers who want to go beyond thinking and create lively applications as well as games for mobile all around the world. Today, android mobile apps are capable of earning top spot of the internet and can be sold. Good quality android phones evoke ideal interest in the market and there is no way others can seem to beat the interest in the market that android has evoked. Therefore android apps development is on the forefront currently making the android apps market continuously growing with increasing demand for new applications but with low competition and less risks. Here are some reasons for you to invest in android mobile apps.

Growing mobile market

There is no denying that the world is continuously changing; it has changed into a mobile world where there is no turning back. Consumers are using their smart phones to find local business. Your online branding efforts are viewed via mobile channels. Now it is not enough to have website, users are turning away from the desktop browsers and depended on the mobile applications.      

Open source android platform

Android applications are free and open source; it has a huge advantage over other platforms.This indicates that the android app development cannot be restricted by any company or industry. Open source offers full access to functionality of the phone such as using handling phone, camera, phone calls or SMS.

Younger audience in large number

Almost 75% of the young people have smart phones and it is hard to engage the younger generation using outdated techniques. Mostly people depend on their mobile phone, even though they may have access to a traditional pc. Smart phone is the best tool for young generation for chatting with friends, browsing, buying and purchasing products online. You must have a mobile app to reach your targeted audience.

User-friendly and easy for customers

Android applications are very easy to use more than the websites. Applications are designed with the basic focus on flexibility and make it to the next level of usability. Its advantages are greaterwhen any company make to develop a mobile app and can specify customers need. The professionalism show on your app will 
increase customers trust and you can get your targeted audience through mobile app.

Social media platform

Social platform is becoming a part of our life and people are obsessed with social media. They spend a lot of time on it, especially on Twitter and Facebook. So having an android mobile app that gives them all the features they get in social media means that they will spend much more time in your app just like they spend in other social sites. In this way users are able to share or discuss and review products. A great example of amazon.com that has built its own community in review area.

The mobile industry is successful at the moment.It is helpful for every business to invest in android app development services. If your business has not any app yet and not thinking to invest in app development in future, then you will surely lag behind in the market.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Enjoy 5 benefits with pro mobile app development services

Today’s technology is deeply involved and included in every aspect of our lives. This is exceptionally real in the case of mobile technology; it has taken a massive place of our daily routine since its introduction. Today, mobile application has introduced new aspect of social purview in this modern generation. Mobile app development has reformed how businesses and customers interact with one another. Mobile apps are the best affordable solution for business to achieve success in this modern area of mobile technology. IOS and Android both are the important operating system in the mobile world along with blackberry and windows. Both android app development and IOS app development are gaining advantages from many industries due to its wide user-acceptance and user-friendly platform.      

Mobile application developers are moving to the top list of many companies and users around the world. Let us look at the five different advantages businesses get by using mobile applications.
Easy to promote brands and its marketing

Mobile apps have a better approach in promoting the brand, earning good business reputation in the market. Studies show that 83% of smart phone users start their day by checking their phones and using various engaging mobile app. Mobile applications allow the real-time brand engagement by using complete profile information. Such apps have various strong ways to build good relationships with their customers. Mobile app marketing strategy simply boosts the brand offline experience and helps connect stronger and longer with the customers.

Create your direct marketing channels

Mobile app development service specifies general information, search features, prices, user account, feedback and much more. The biggest advantage of having mobile apps is that all the information includes promotions and special sale offers, is right at their fingertips. With such apps you are a one-step closer to your customers, marketing your business directly and promoting it via different tactics.

Best way to increase traffic to websites

An application serves as an excellent support to the corporate website. You just need to create an application and connect it to your website and with the app having thousands of download, it massively increases website traffic and conversion rates eventually.

Free open source applications

One of the biggest benefits of android application is that it is free and open source, integrated software platform. Android, an open platform always tends to be far less expensive than others. Android applications do not differentiate between the phones core and third-party application. Therefore, it is widely used and android apps widely liked across the globe. 

Share new services and new products with your customers

Mobile apps help businesses enhance their product/service line. Mobile app helps such companies build corporate structure on reliable platforms.
EITSec helps you plan successful initiatives to impact your business outcomes positively. We offer amazing mobile application and mobile app development services to make your experience mutual and joyful. The most common smart phones applications that we develop are android and iOS app development that suits business needs effectively. We help our clients define their mobile application strategy by offering different platform choices. Our expert team creates iOS and android application design and development customized to clients' business needs.